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ACSA offers real benefits and savings that you can use every day!  In addition to your annual membership benefits of CyberScout and StuLo, we offer discounts and savings in areas of Health & Wellness, Student Assistance, and Lifestyle Benefits.



ACSA Members have access to America’s premier provider of identity theft resolution services with CyberScout and the Lifestages® Identity Management Services.


Identity theft can have a devastating impact on its victims.  If it ever happens to you, ID resolution knows exactly what to do to help solve your problem.  You have access to expert identity theft resolutions services at no additional cost.


From the first call you make to report the identity theft until the crisis is resolved, a personal advocate will work with you.  ID Resolution will notify the appropriate agencies and businesses of the problem, help you file the crucial reports properly, clear up fraudulent activities on your credit file, create a comprehensive case file for claims handling and law enforcement and much more.   

StuLo is a package of financial benefits for everyone —not just help for student loan holders.


StuLo provides meaningful benefits and significant savings!


If you, or anyone you know, has Student Loan Debt, here’s how StuLo can help:


  • Federal Student Loan Concierge: FREE consultation to lower monthly payments by an average of $343 per month utilizing existing Federal assistance programs.


  • Private Student Loan Refinance Marketplace: access to over 275 banks and credit unions for immediate decisions on loans that can save thousands of dollars on interest payments.

Here’s how StuLo can help you with other Financial Concerns:


  • Credit Repair Concierge: see improvement in credit scores within 30-45 days.


  • Financial Coaching: get help with budgeting, debt, and more.


  • Accident Insurance: protect income with disability insurance and AD&D.

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